How it works

Select Your Product Components

How do you want to make your new product line uniquely yours? Think about the products you want to offer, the packaging they will be going in to, and if you want a scent! We offer hundreds of professional and effective natural and organic stock formulas for you to choose from. Take any of these products and customize them by adding ingredients, scents, or colorants. Want a fully custom product that is truly uniquely yours? We can do that too. An Account Manager can guide you through every step of the process to build your brand by collaborating on the products and packaging that fits the image you're envisioning.

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Define Your Details

Now that you know what products and packaging you want to offer, it's time to fine tune the details. What is your brand's message? What unit size would you like to offer? How many of each will you want to order for your first run? In order for us to produce your products, all these details need to be decided by you.

Label Design & Printing

Time to plan your label design! Your labels will end up being one of the most important details of your final product. Willo Naturals offers Graphic Design Services specializing in personal care logo and label design. Alternatively, we can provide you the templates and details you need to work with your own design team to make sure your labels are set up for success. Willo Naturals also offers print services included with your order; with a wide selection of label materials, finishes and specialty processes.

Final Touches

What is your brand's vision? Depending on your marketing and sales strategy, you may want to consider some final touches. This can include secondary product boxes or premium packaging for an upscale or luxurious presentation.. At this time, you'll also want to consider promotional materials, inserts, accessories, specific seals, shrink wrap, or other details to elevate your brand.. Your Account Manager can assist you through this process of final touches.

What Your Order Process Looks Like

Contact our Account Managers to place an order

When you have all of the details of your order finalized, contact one of our Account Managers to place your order. The following details will be required:

PRODUCTS: The products you'd like to order
FRAGRANCE: If you would like any of your products scented
SIZES: The unit size of each product you would like us to produce
PACKAGING: The containers and closures you would like to use
QUANTITY: How many of each unit you would like to order
LABELS: If you need any assistance with label design and/or label printing
FINAL TOUCHES: If you require any exterior elements, such as boxes or seals
SHIPPING DETAILS: Where you will want your products shipped once complete
ADDITIONAL SERVICES: If you would like to use any of our additional services, such as fulfillment or warehousing

Receive your Production Quote & Make Any Changes

Upon receipt of your order request, your dedicated Account Manager will review the details and provide you with a production quote. This quote will include detailed production specifications, services and pricing. At this time, it is important to make any changes to your order, as this document will be used to manufacture your products.

Approve your Order & Pay your Deposit

Once you have approved and signed off on all the details of your order, your deposit will be required before we move the order to production. Changes cannot be made after this time.

Begin your Graphic Design Process

After the order has been placed, the design process will begin now. If you've chosen to use our graphic design services, you will be matched up with a designer and they will guide you through the design process. Alternatively, if you have your own design team, we can supply templates at this time.

Your Order Will Begin Production

Now that your art files are finalized, approved and ready to print, your order will go into the final stage of the production process. Our team will manufacture your order per the specifications of your approved production quote. Our standard lead time for opening orders is 6 - 8 weeks, once the labels have been finalized, however, these lead times are not guaranteed and can fluctuate to be both shorter and longer depending on a number of factors including component sourcing & seasonality.

Your Order is Complete & Ready for Shipping! Final Payment is Due

When your order is complete, the balance due will be required prior to being shipped or moved into our warehouse for fulfillment services. Please be aware that any shipping charges will be added to your final bill, along with any applicable taxes or fees. Once paid, we will ship your products to your desired location, whether that be your personal or business address, Amazon, or your preferred fulfillment center.

Your Vision has Been Brought to Life & your Products are Ready for your Clients!

We are grateful for the opportunity to be your private label partner and look forward to helping your brand grow.

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